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Mini chocolate loaf cakes with Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream icing

these delicious mini chocolate cakes are a real afternoon treat

Triple chocolate brownies bites with Rodda’s clotted cream ganache

Rich and delicious bites perfect for summer picnics or as a sumptuous evening dessert.

Pistachio & rosewater scones

These scones add exotic flavours to a traditional bake

Rodda’s clotted cream and raspberry macarons

A wonderful afternoon tea treat

Fruit tarts with Rodda’s clotted cream crème patisserie

A classic bake

Emily Scott’s Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream & lemon drizzle Bundt cake

This wonderful recipe is perfect for afternoon tea with all the family.

Claire’s School Scones

A traditional recipe for the humble scone

Earl Grey Scones

a little twist on our favourite treat

Clotted Cream Sprinkle Cakes

A great recipe for adults and children