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Our history

Roddas through the years

Alot has happened in the last 130 years since Eliza Jane began baking her famous Cornish delicacy in the Farmhouse that still stands proudly at our Redruth Creamery to this day. From rationing and farming turkeys during the war, to being a part of Royal occasions and jetting transatlantic – we couldn’t of achieved any of it without the support of our loyal customers. Here’s our story so far…

Our Timeline

take a trip back in time to 1890


The Rodda Family

130 years in the making

The Rodda family have been making Cornish Clotted Cream for 5 generations. Take a look at our extensive family tree.

Our story

discover more about our history

We’ve been making Cornish clotted cream for quite some time now. Since 1890 to be exact. It all started with our great, great grandmother, Eliza Jane Rodda.