Here are some of the questions we’re often asked here at Rodda’s. If there’s something you’d like to know, and it’s not answered below, do get in touch. It’d be lovely to hear from you.

can I freeze clotted cream?

You can. But we wouldn’t really recommend it. The chances are it will end up a bit crumbly when you come to defrost it. Not ideal. We do freeze our clotted cream for some of our overseas customers, but we do it under special conditions with some quite fancy equipment. It’s a case of ‘don’t try this at home’, we’re afraid.

is clotted cream suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Cornish clotted cream is made from 100% milk and therefore it is suitable for vegetarians but unfortunately not for vegans.

does Rodda’s clotted cream contain any additives?

Absolutely not! Our clotted cream is made from 100% milk (which we source from Cornish farms based within 30 miles of our creamery). There is absolutely nothing added: no additives and no preservatives.

is Rodda’s clotted cream organic?

We carefully source our milk from farmers that go the extra mile in looking after the welfare of their cows (which graze freely for up to 10 months of the year). These farms are however not organic.

is clotted cream pasteurised?

Yes it is pasteurised and therefore is it safe for both children and pregnant women to eat and enjoy.

is clotted cream safe for pregnant women to eat?

Yes, it’s pasteurised, so it’s perfectly safe for those with a bun in the oven.

how much cream would you recommend I order for an event?

When we’re making a cream tea for a few people, we always use the following rule of thumb: one ounce per person (that’s 30 to 40g in new money). Now, if you’re a bit of a portion control fanatic, you might want to try our special 40g single serve pots. That way each person gets just the right amount and you won’t need to throw away any half eaten pots. Any pots that haven’t been broken open can be kept in the fridge and eaten another time.

what’s the best way to make a cream tea?

In the old days, we used to use something called a split, which is a type of white roll, but it’s more common today to use a freshly baked scone. Just cut or split your scone in half and slaver each cut side with a good, thick layer of strawberry jam. (You won’t be needing any butter!) Then take a heaped dessertspoon of Rodda’s and dollop it on top. There is another school of thought on this, but we’d strongly recommend ignoring it entirely.

All you need now is a good cup of hot, freshly brewed tea. Because, as with that other noble tradition, the full English breakfast, it is a must-have accompaniment.

can I send cream by post abroad?

If you’ve been thinking of sending our cream to a friend or relative who lives abroad – we salute you. Alas, Royal Mail is only able to deliver our cream to addresses in the UK. So, you’ll just have to persuade them to come and visit you more often.

what is cream by post?

If you’re looking to send some of our clotted cream as a gift for a special occasion then by far the best way to do this is via our Cream by Post service. It’s something we’ve been running for quite some time now, in fact, this is how the Queen Mother used to get her weekly supply.

You can choose either 113g (¼lb), 227g (½lb) or 453g (1lb) pots to be delivered anywhere in the UK next day. If you’re ordering for a big occasion you can bulk order our 40g pots or go for one of our fabulously large 907g (2lbs) tubs.

You can place orders from Monday to Thursday for delivery between Tuesday and Friday. Place your order here.

Or if you’re a business and you have a wholesale or trade enquiry, please give us a ring on 01209 823300.