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Where it all began...


From a Farmouse Kitchen

In 1890 our great-great-grandmother, Eliza Jane Rodda started making Cornish clotted cream in her farmhouse kitchen here in the heart of Cornwall. Now we are in the fifth generation of the family business, and we still craft our Cornish Clotted Cream in the very same way, making Eliza Jane proud.

Eliza Jane outside Farmhouse 1890

Eliza Jane Rodda, outside the Farmhouse in 1890

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What makes our clotted cream so special?

What makes Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream so special? Well it is the delicate golden crust, it’s a mark of quality and our family expertise to get it just right. The cream is gently baked and this is where the magic happens, the crust starts to appear as the tastiest and richest bits rise to the top in the cooking process. Nothing beats breaking through the seal with a spoon to experience the smoothness of the cream below.

The Rodda Family


The Rodda family have been crafting Cornish Clotted Cream for 5 generations from the same site Eliza Jane started making the famous delicacy all those years ago.

The History

130 years in the making

From travelling to London with our Clotted Cream in 1920, to being part of Concorde’s last flight in 2003 – a lot has happened in the last 130 years. 

supporting our farming family
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Farming Families

supporting local farmers

Supporting local farmers is key to everything we do. That’s why we source our milk from farms within Cornwall. All the farms are certified by the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Dairy.


charity & community support

Here at Rodda’s, community spirit and charity are very important to us. From afternoon teas, to charity cake sales- all sorts of fantastic fundraisers are taking place across the UK every year. We want to help support as many organisations as we can to bring these events to life.

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