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You can't make the best cream without the best milk

new cornish barista milk

Perfect for coffee

Not all milks are made to be equal. Rodda’s Cornish Barista Milk has been specially crafted to be naturally high in butterfat and protein. Enabling you to create the perfect texture for your coffee.


cappuccinos have never felt so Cornish

After over 130 years of using the fabulously luxurious milk of Cornwall to make our unctuous clotted cream, we recently had something of a brainwave, one of those ‘why-didn’t-we-think-of-that before?’ moments: ‘This local milk is so good, we should bottle it.’ And so we did. And it soon became the secret ingredient of baristas and coffee connoisseurs across the county. Cappuccinos have never felt so Cornish!

our milk lids

Small changes...

Have you seen our new milk lids? As a B Corporation business, we’re striving to make small changes. Our semi skimmed milk lids have now changed to clear across all our milk sizes, much like many supermarkets, to make them easier to recycle. Look out for them when you’re in Cornwall and enjoy a taste of Rodda’s

our milk Labels

Small changes...

Our delicious Cornish milk from Cornish cows has had a label refresh!
Celebrating our iconic blue milkmaid, she takes centre stage against a stand-out backdrop for every kind of milk.
Coming to your fridges this summer…
local milk refill stations


an environmentally sustainable option

Our Rodda’s Milk Refill Stations are helping local businesses see a reduction in the use of plastic milk bottles, whilst allowing customers to enjoy our deliciously creamy ‘local’s milk’.

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our story farming families
supporting our farming family

Farming Families

supporting local farmers

Supporting local farmers is key to everything we do. That’s why we source our milk off farms within Cornwall. All the farms are certified by the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Dairy.