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Strawberry and Clotted Cream Daiquiris

Unlike any daiquiri you have encountered before...

Why not try our super summery cocktail combo of everyone’s favourite – strawberries and Rodda’s Clotted Cream. Made with fresh strawberries, frozen berries, cool clotted cream, and a splash of white rum, these boozy, fruity treats are the perfect beverage to keep on hand on a summer’s day.

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Prep 10 mins Cooking
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  • 500g frozen strawberries
  • 4 tbsp of white rum
  • 100g Rodda's clotted cream
  • 200ml of Double Cream
  • Fresh strawberries and mint to decorate


  1. Using a blender add the frozen berries, and rum and a tbsp of water together, and mix until smooth
  2. pour this into a bowl and set aside
  3. Add the double cream and the clotted cream together, and gently whisk together until well combined, and the mixture begins to thicken
  4. Using two hurraine cocktail glasses, start to layer the strawberry mixture, followed by the cream, adding in fresh strawberries into the layers if you wish, until you have a ripple affect of the strawberries and the cream.
  5. Decorate the top with a spoonful of clotted cream, and strawberries. Add a straw and enjoy!
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