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Have you noticed a small change on our packaging recently? Well, you may have spotted a new logo that’s appeared, which is called a ‘Geographic Indicator’.

What is this? Well, it is a new scheme that has been launched in 2021, giving our consumer’s confidence that when they see the Geographic Indicator logo on our Cornish clotted cream, you can be sure that the product inside has been made from our distinctively rich and creamy local milk (a product of Cornwall’s sea breezes, and subtropical climate) and with the traditional cooking method we’ve been using here in Cornwall for generations. 

The GI scheme was launched following the United Kingdom leaving the European Union in January. The new black and white logos will replace the previous Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for all UK food and drink products. The new logo represents the geographical connection of the region in which the product is made and ensures these are made using traditional methods.

Following a long five-year campaign spearheaded by the Rodda family, Cornish clotted cream gained Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status in 1998 to join the prestigious ranks of Champagne, Stilton cheese and Parma ham.

Like the PDO, the GI scheme ensures that clotted cream is made using only Cornish milk and is made using the same traditional method as Eliza Jane did back in 1890.

Rodda’s were delighted to be involved with the consultation period, led by DEFRA, where we were able to feedback on initial designs and help input into the launch of the new scheme.

Nicholas Rodda, Managing Director of Rodda’s

Nicholas Rodda, Managing Director of Rodda’s said:

We were delighted to be involved in the development of the GI logos, ensuring the prestigious nature of the PDO is represented within the new designs. The new GI status will ensure consumers can continue to enjoy Cornish clotted cream with knowledge that it has been made in Cornwall, with Cornish milk and crafted using traditional methods.

For more information on the Geographic Indicators and other products that carry the logo, visit the website.