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This year Rodda’s, have been lending a helping hand, restoring 86-year old cancer patient Nora Vigo’s garden back to its former glory.


The Macmillan Gardening and DIY Project, run by Volunteer Cornwall, helps people affected by cancer in the Carrick, Kerrier or Restormel areas who are struggling to keep up with household jobs. The team tackled the unformidable garden, taking 2 days to clear the debris, all with the aim of helping Nora be able to use her beloved garden once more. 

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Before the Rodda’s team worked their green finger magic!

Nora (86) from St Austell was diagnosed with breast cancer last year during the pandemic, having only recently recovered from surgery to remove a tumour in 2019. Following treatment and shielding during the pandemic, she no longer had the energy to be able to keep on top of her garden, something she used to do with her late husband.


Nora said “My husband used to love the garden, he designed it himself but as he had a bad hip, he used watch me mowing the lawn through the window and give me the thumbs up when I’d finished. But since being diagnosed, I’ve had no energy to do it. The garden had become so overgrown I didn’t think it was possible, but the volunteers have brought it back to the way it was. I’m absolutely over the moon.”

Nora added “There are two mallard ducks that used to visit the garden. They must have been watching the volunteers work because as soon as they had gone, they swooped down straight into the pond – which was completely overgrown before. It was almost as though they nodded their approval! Now I can sit out and enjoy the fresh air. I’ve started to feel better and had more energy when I saw how lovely it looked. I was crying out for help and the Macmillan project was there for me.”


The end result after the Rodda’s team had worked their magic!


Some members of the Rodda’s team who helped with the gardening project

Becky Palmer, Marketing Manager here at Rodda’s said “The team were delighted to come together for such a fantastic initiative. It was a pleasure to work with Volunteer Cornwall and Macmillan to support such a worthy cause. It’s great to know our efforts have made a real difference to Nora, providing her with a beautiful outside space to enjoy once again.”

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