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summertime fun

Whether it’s a picnic in the park, friends gathering in the garden, or a wild woodland adventure, here are our top tips and a great playlist for making your day, the stuff of legends.

outdoor adventures

Wild walks in the woods, climbing trees and chasing squirrels – its amazing what adventures you can have when you are busy exploring. Whoever you maybe exploring with, take a look at our top tips.

Plan ahead

There are so many fun nature trails, wild walks and forest adventures right on our doorstep. Plan your route, decide how long the walk should be, and don’t forget to check the weather!

Be prepared

From sunny periods to rainy showers, make sure you take lots of different items to ensure you are prepared for your day. From sunscreen, to a light rain coat – you never can tell what our Great British summer will behold.

Take provisions

Walking can be thirsty work, so ensure you have enough treats packed to keep you motivated. Why not pack a flask of tea, accompanied with some freshly made brownies and a pot of clotted cream to keep the energy levels up!

perfect picnics

When the sun is shining, what can be better than packing up a hamper of delicious goodies and adventuring out for a picnic. Here’s our top tips for creating the ultimate feel good feast for you to enjoy.

Picnic blankets are key

A good picnic starts with a blanket. Its something to stretch out on, stack your gourmet dishes upon, or even or lie on to stare at the sky and watch the clouds float by.

Plan the food

From finger sandwiches to our favourite, scones, – the food is the main event. Make a list of your favourites, not forgetting snacks, and sweet options as well as the more traditional elements. You can always enjoy the leftovers the next day!

Remember the essentials

Avoid red faces and sticky hands. Sunscreen and wet wipes are a must for picnics outings. Of course, we highly recommend a pot of Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream to sit on top your scones. Its the perfect serve for a legendary picnic!


delicious treats for all to eat...

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share your recipes

We love to hear your stories legendary recipes with Rodda’s clotted cream, if you’d like to share a recipe or story please do get in touch.