Rodda’s farming family

Rodda’s farming family

Supporting local farmers is key to everything that we do. That’s why we are setting out to build relationships with our farmers that are based on trust and team spirit.

You can’t make the best cream without the best milk, so we have carefully selected farmers who take real pride in what they produce. Their story is our story…

Liz Down , Little Callestock Farm, Zelah, Cornwall

Liz Down , Little Callestock Farm, Zelah, Cornwall

Family: Husband, Nick Down

Liz Down and her husband Nick have 70 jersey cows and are based just seven miles from our creamery. They have been on the farm for 22 years. Liz and Nick also run six beautiful holiday cottages, on a courtyard on their farm in Zelah. And of course, all their guests are greeted by Liz’s homemade scones!

Liz says: “We are proud to be supplying our milk direct to Rodda’s – an inspirational Cornish family business, working with us towards the same goal. It was a no-brainer for us to sign up to a direct contract with a company just 7 miles down the road from our farm.

“For my husband and I it’s about more than just our income – it’s about pride in our local produce and keeping milk within the county. The fact that the milk we produce here on our farm goes to Rodda’s creamery, and comes back bottled for our guests, is a great story for us to be able to share with them. Keeping it local is vital for us.”

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Jane Rowe, Tresowes Farm, Helston, Cornwall

Family: Husband, Mark and her children Daniel and Rachel

For 18 years, Jane, Mark and Dan have farmed their 200 strong herd based just 14 miles from our creamery.

This is a family affair with son, Daniel, (a keen photographer) also home working on the farm. Jane works at the local college in the term time meaning that her holidays are free to help catch up on the farm work, including the books and finances and the occasional spot of tractor driving.

Jane says ‘We’re Cornish and proud of it. I like the fact that our milk is made into cream and other products right here in the county. It is great to see these lovely end products, knowing that our milk is in them.

I used to sell cream teas in my own cream tea business which I ran from our conservatory in front of our house. It really brings back memories of that. I love meeting people and cream teas helped me to do that whilst still, importantly, being with my family at home.

I love being a part of a small business. Rodda’s look after their staff really well so we are assured that they will look over us, their farmers, as well. It’s something that seems to come naturally to Rodda’s, it’s instinctive and not a box-ticking exercise and that means more.’

The family picture was taken by family member and photographer Dan Rowe from Tresowes Farm 


Christina Savage, Treworgie Farm, Cornwall

Christina Savage, Treworgie Farm, Cornwall

Family: Parents, Roger and Dorothy Jenkin and brother Hayden

Christina began work on her family’s farm when she was 18 years old. Her day-to-day role involves helping her father Roger, rearing cattle and being responsible for the healthcare of farm animals in their infancy (0-12 months). She follows in the footsteps of her mother, Dorothy, who came to work at Treworgie farm when she and husband, Roger, married 31 years ago. Dorothy and Christina also run several holiday cottages on Treworgie farm where they serve the finest Cornish produce to their guests – cream teas, topped with clotted cream made from their very own milk (bottled at the Rodda’s creamery just a few miles from the farm).

Christina says: “From the cream teas we serve guests at our farmhouse, to my mum’s famous Christmas cake recipe made with Rodda’s farmhouse butter, produce from the creamery has always played a big part in our family life. At Treworgie Farm we feel very proud to showcase proper Cornish hospitality using local ingredients, made with our very own milk.”

“As a Cornish family business, to be supplying another Cornish family business is something to be proud of. For us, having genuine people at the end of the phone, who understand the trade and want to help wherever possible, is one of the biggest advantages of our new contract.”

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