Welcome to Rodda’s (de)

Welcome to Rodda’s (de)

We’ve been making our luxurious, Cornish clotted cream for over 120 years. We do it by gently baking rich, local cream until it’s thick, delicious and thoroughly dollopable. It’s even been awarded Protected Designation of Origin status, along with the likes of champagne and Parma ham.

And our delectable work doesn’t end there. We also use our rich, Cornish milk to make a whole range of indulgent things, from butter, to crème fraîche.

The perfect cream tea

Here’s the time-honoured way of doing it…

First, take your scone and break it in half. Add a layer of jam, and then (and only then) dollop a generous helping of Rodda’s Clotted Cream on top. Never, ever do it the other way around. Sacrilege!

get in touch

To find out more, please speak to Anthony Ware, our Export Commercial Manager.

telephone: +44 1209 823337

email: anthony.ware@roddas.co.uk