Rodda’s Afternoon
Tea Cup 2018

Rodda’s Afternoon Tea Cup 2018

Fundamental to a perfect cricket match is the Cricket Tea, and the heroes who provide those teas. It’s still quintessential to village cricket. Rodda’s in association with Cornwall County Cricket once more invite your club to enter the Rodda’s Afternoon Tea Cup.


Following the 2rd July two finalists will be chosen from clubs in Cornwall, with judging criteria including quality of the afternoon tea, atmosphere and photography and the nominated heroes character and story.

the final

the final

The two chosen finalists will meet for a tea off at the Edwards Cup Final atSt Austell CC on Wednesday 18 July at 6pm (Reserve Thur 19). Each tea hero finalist will be required to produce a simple selection of their afternoon tea, to be set up by 17:30 with the winner announced between Innings.

The winner will be awarded the coveted Afternoon Tea Cup, with the clubs name included for the year. In addition, both club finalists will receive a Rodda’s hamper.

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